Crown, Turtle and Submarine Locations Map: Fortnite

One of the challenges in Fortnite Battle Royal Season 7 Week 1 requires you to find and dance on top of a Crown of RV’s, a Metal Turtle and a Submarine.

A crown of RV’s is located in Paradise Palms, a metal turtle you’ll find between Wailing Woods and Lonely Lodge and the submarine in Frosty Flights.

Make sure that you activate a dance emote at each location, otherwise you will not complete the first stage and will not be able to continue in the current week.

Stage 1: Dance on Tops of a Crown of RV’s

The Crown of RV’s is located in the southern part of Paradise Palms. Here you should land directly, because you may not have enough material to get to the top of the mountain.

Fortnite BR, Crown of RV’s Location, Map

Stage 2: Dance on Tops of a Metal Turtle

The Metal Turtle you’ll find between Wailing Woods and Lonely Lodge. In the wooden head of the turtle you can even find a chest, so it's worth the visit to this place.

Fortnite BR, Metal Turtle Location, Map

Stage 3: Dance on Tops of a Submarine

Forbidden Dance Locations Map Fortnite Season 7 Week 1

A submarine is located in the snow area on the map, in the southwest. So go to Frosty Flights and land a little further east on a mountain.

Submarine Location Map, Fortnite BR

The submarine you’ll find on top of a frozen mountain. Again, you should land on it at best, because otherwise you first have to collect materials.