Five Best Free MMORPGs to play in 2019

Here we have listed five free MMORPGs, which will certainly be as much fun in the next year (2019) as they are today.

1. Neverwinter

This title is available to play on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Neverwinter is based on the Pen & Paper role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons and puts you in the fantasy world Forgotten Realms. There, you team up with other players and battle against various monsters.

- Focus is on quests and story
- PvP takes place in special zones
- You may create your own adventures with an editor
- The game exudes the typical D & D atmosphere

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The MMORPG ratings on Steam are "mostly positive". The number of players on Steam gives a little insight into the entire player base, but still distributed on a separate launcher and the versions for PS4 and Xbox One.

There are regular extensions that continue the story, insert new territories, and make improvements to the game. Since Neverwinter is still popular, the stream of content is unlikely to break in 2019 either.

2. MapleStory 2

This game is available to play on PC
In MapleStory 2, you can create your own hero, then carryout numerous quests and fight bosses with your friends. There are Minigames and lots of social activities will keep you happy.

- You can explore the big world and do quests that tell a story
- Descend into dungeons with friends, where dangerous bosses are waiting for you
- Build your own house or together with other players whole cities according to your ideas
- Mini-games are fun and you are even allowed to create them yourself

MapleStory 2, Free To Play, Best  MMORPG

The release of MapleStory 2 was a great success and even now the numbers of players on Steam are still quite high. The ratings are "mostly positive" and many players have loads of fun with the anime MMORPG.

All those who would like to enjoy many freedoms in a MMORPG, for example to build their own house, want to play mini-games or enjoy quests and stories, should take a look at this title.

3. Guild Wars 2 (Basic Game)

Available to play on PC

Together with friends you face numerous threats and experience exciting adventures in Guild Wars 2.

- Group play is important
- Events take place regularly in the world and you are allowed to join, automatically assigned to groups
- You experience many quests and a long story as part of the "Living History"
- PvP takes place in special modes where even servers compete against each other
- There are arena PvP and siege wars

ArenaNet does not disclose any official numbers of how many active players the MMORPG has. However, Publisher NC Soft's financial report shows that the game is still going well and the community is also active.

Guild Wars 2 continues to bring new content and improvements. 2019 should be secured for Guild Wars 2fans.

This game is ideal for players who want to experience exciting adventures with their friends as part of an epic story.


This title can be played on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

TERA is about defeating monsters, mastering dungeons and completing quests. Of course, in the end, with the goal of getting the best equipment.

- The game offers many varied dungeons and raids in a big world
- There is a comfortable quest system that distributes tasks daily and even teleports you directly
- The bosses are impressively staged and harmonize splendidly with the action-packed combat system
- It's a tactical action combat system akin to Dark Souls, where you have to actively attack and defend
- TERA still looks good for having been around for a few years
- Each class is intricately and uniquely animated
- TERA provides enough content for both PvE and PvP players

On Steam, MMORPG ratings are "mostly positive" and getting better. The number of players on Steam is not really representative, the TERA still has its own launcher. Also the versions for Xbox One and PS4 are popular.

The developers have already announced further updates for the year 2019. After all, TERA is quite popular. Therefore, the next year for the fans is quite interesting.

5. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Available to play on PC

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, you experience adventures in the universe of popular films, but thousands of years ago. You either side with the Sith Empire or the Galactic Republic and experience thrilling adventures with friends and even a personal story.

- Each of the eight classes pursues its own story, which is set completely and elaborately
- You experience exciting quests either alone or with friends
- While there are some group contents such as dungeons, PvP battlegrounds and raids, it is also super playable as a "solo MMO"
- The story about the war of the Sith against the Jedi is enormously extensive

Official player numbers do not exist, but SWTOR looks back on a loyal fan base. The community is still active and you're sure to quickly find someone to race with.

Updates and new content will continue to appear and there are rumors that BioWare is focusing on the new Anthem project.

All fans of the space saga will feel very comfortable in Star Wars: The Old Republic. In addition, all players have fun with exciting stories that they either want to experience together with friends or alone.