Legion New Killer, Survivor Perks: Dead by Daylight

A new Dead by Daylight chapter, Darkness Among Us, has been released with a big update today. This includes a new killer and a survivor, each comes with three fresh perks and a map.

The Legion has the Feral Frenzy ability, with that he falls into a short lived bloodlust. He then gets faster, can bustle over pallets and windows. Targets that are hit suffer from a new bleeding effect and need to be taken care of, otherwise they will go to the ground.

Besides, the Legion has the following perks:

- Discordance: When two or more survivors work on the same generator, the aura of that generator is revealed for a few seconds.

- Mad Grit: While the killer carries a survivor, he has no cooldown on missed attacks. If he hits a survivor while carrying, the surviving survivor cannot fight back for a few seconds and refills the progress bar ("wiggle meter").

- Iron Maiden: The killer can open cabinets faster. In addition, each time the position of a survivor is revealed when he leaves a cabinet. For a few seconds, this survivor then suffers the exposed effect (goes down with one punch).

Survivor Jeff Johansen Perks:

- Breakdown: Each time the survivor is rescued or escaped, the hook is destroyed, revealing the killer's aura for a few seconds.

- Aftercare: Collaboration creates a connection between survivors. When the survivor heals or rescues someone, a connection is created that allows both survivors to see each other's aura across the map. The effect is deactivated (and must be recreated by Healing / Help) when the survivor is hanged with the perk.

- Distortion: The survivor starts the match with 3 badges. Each time its aura is shown to a killer, a badge is used up and the display of the aura is suppressed for a few seconds.