Tactics to Defeat Lust without killing Usiel: Darksiders 3

In Darksiders 3, you’ll encounter Lust in the cargo ship in Bonelands. During this fight Usiel will interfere and attacks you. For the trophy For Whom the Bell Tolls you must defeat lust without killing Usiel.

If you are playing the Darksiders 3 on the highest level of difficulty, then you should make some preparations first. Some items are also important for this boss battle and it is recommended to consume Fortification Shard or Havoc Shard. Also, the capacity of your recreation of Nephilim should be at the maximum.

Two other items that you should definitely top up in the fight against lust are the Strength shard and undying shard. The former boosts your attack power, while the second fragment saves you from the next death, granting you a second chance.

Take the items before you step into the arena so you don’t have to struggle with the cooldown.

The first phase of this battle is very simple once you have seen through the attack pattern. In addition, no other opponents disturb you here and also the scene itself does not set traps.
As you have probably already found out by this time, the sword of lust also flashes when it takes to attack. Also pay attention to the tone that sounds as it strikes. This will help you time your evasive maneuver and cause more damage.

Lust is more and more on vertical blows, so you should rather dodge to the back. If she holds her sword diagonally in front of her, she will block all attacks on your part.

The only dangerous attack in the first phase is the leap forward over you. You can easily counter this with two rolls to the side. If you want to use your Chaos form in combat, you should do that in the first phase, as you could otherwise kill Usiel in the second phase. If lust only has half the energy left, the next phase starts.

Defeat lust without killing Usiel

After a short cutscene Usiel will enter into the fight. If you want to unlock the trophy For Whom the Bell Tolls, then you should target lust and ignore Usiel as well as possible.

The attack pattern of lust remains the same, so you hardly have to learn another strategy. You just have to be prepared to jump a lot and often back and forth, because Usiel storms in the background again and again to swing his bell hammer.

Try to lure Usiel away from lust by pointing his weapon to the ground and running in your direction. With that you take him out of the fight for a few seconds and you can start lusting.