All Available Classes in Bless Unleashed

Bandai Namco has unveiled five different character classes for its upcoming MMO “Bless Unleashed” and the first official trailer for the BU also teases its combat system.

BU is an action MMO that currently available for the Xbox One. The game relies on the UE 4 and an active combat system with the ability to evade attacks.

Five Available classes

- Berserker
- Mage
- Ranger
- Priest
- Crusader

Berserker has a large ambidextrous ax. In combat, he shakes the ground and whirls the ax around him.

Berserker, Class Guide,Bless Unleashed

Mage relies on the four elements. It can cause explosions or damage enemies with spels.

Mage, Class Guide,Bless Unleashed

Ranger is armed with a bow. He agilely moves around enemies and attacks them from a distance.

Ranger, Class Guide,Bless Unleashed

Priest is fighting with a magic wand. He channels yellow beams of light to damage opponents.

Priest, Class Guide,Bless Unleashed

Crusader seems to be the tank class of the game. He is armed with sword and shield and can block attacks or shatter enemies with his shield.

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Crusader, Class Guide,Bless Unleashed