Dance Locations Water, Ranger, Traffic Control Towers Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royal weekly challenges in Week 5 of Season 7 are now live and one of the tasks requires you to dance on three different towers: Water Tower, Ranger Tower and Air Traffic Control Tower. These towers are distributed throughout the map.

Below you’ll find the exact locations of these three towers and we also show you how to complete this task successfully.

1. Dance on Water Tower

To complete this phase, you have to dance on a water tower. You’ll find it in Retail Row. There is the silver water tower in one corner.

To complete this task, you must land directly on the water tower, otherwise you'll have to build yourself up. There is also a box right on top of the tower so you have a chance of a weapon right at the beginning of the game. Just do a dance and the task is completed.

Dance Locations, Water Tower, Fortnite

2. Dance on Ranger Tower

This tower you’ll find in the Lonely Lodge forest. The tower is huge so you won’t easily miss. This tower is a bit easier to climb. Although it is significantly higher than the water tower in Phase 1, but you can climb the stairs and relaxed. There you again perform the dance and the phase 2 is completed.

 Dance Locations, Water Tower, Fortnite,  Lonely Lodge

Fortnite Piano Sheet Music in Lonely Lodge Location Map

3. Dance on Air Traffic Control Tower

For the final phase of the challenge you have to go into the snow area of the map - Frosty Flight. There you’ll find very easily the big red tower. The tower also has a staircase that allows you to reach the top in a relaxed manner. All you have to do here is the dance and you have completed this task.

Dance Locations, Water Tower, Fortnite, Frosty Flight