Destroy 100 Elite Members Quickly in Fortnite

Fortnite Ice Storm Challenge day five is here. The latest task requires you to find and destroy 100 elite members in the Ice Legion. Completed of this challenge will be rewarded you with 500 EXP.

To find out these elite members of the Ice Legion you have to look for enemies who have greenish glow inside of them. They are stronger than the ordinary zombies, inflict more damage and seem to appear more when you hit ice shard. You cannot attack them from a distance. Besides, you have to hit several times to kill them.

These enemies are rare; the only type of enemy even rarer than the elite member is the golden brute. 

Kill Elite Members, Fortnite, Day Five, Ice Storm Challenge

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You will have to find and kill 100 of them to complete all the challenges of the ice storm. Don’t try to kill them like the other enemies, they are strong enough to survive several hits and you will deal damage before you can finish them. The best weapon to use against Elite Members is the crossbow.