Tactics to Destroy Ten Ice Shards Easily: Fortnite

Fortnite Ice Storm Challenge Day 4 is active now. In this event you need to find and destroy ten Ice Shards in different Fortnite matches and damage to the Ice Legion.

Ice shards are rocks used as points of appearance to the ice zombies. They look like big clear blue crystals and surrounded by zombies and appear everywhere on the map.

Even if no glare is in sight, they can be easily spotted thanks to the lightning that forms when they appear.

Ice Shards continue to appear for the duration of the game, but appear only within the safe zone, so you will find more and more as the area narrows.

Ice Storm Challenge, Day Four Event, Destroy Ice Shards, Fortnite

Fortnite Ice Storm Challenge Day 3 event: Find and Kill twenty Golden Ice Brutes

Tips: you need to find and destroy 10 Ice Shards in different matches of the ice storm event, the crossbow unfortunately does not help here, your best chance is to destroy the shards with weapons equipped with silencers, or with your pickaxe, so as not to attract attention.