Fortnite: Update 7.20 Bug Fixes and Changes

Fortnite next update 7.20 is getting closer to release. This new patch is intended to fix some bugs and issues that really annoy players.

Fortnite was recently accused of always bringing new features and content but less focus on fixing bugs and errors. A player called for a Quality of Life update, so many comfort improvements to trifles that are currently annoying. Apparently, the developer has also planned an update that will fix the following:

- Patch 7.20 will fix Glider Redeployment - this made it difficult when players jumped out of a plane.

- New update will fix the Zip Lines, here players were thrown by the Zip Line.

- It will also fix the challenge where players with different weapons should do damage in a match - this was partly a catch.

- Fix the problem with building on uneven surfaces.

- In addition, Epic wants to get the problem under control with "Ghost Shots"

- The developers will bring some improvements for the editing of structures, there were delays.

Fortnite, Update 7.20, Bug Fixes and Changes

At the moment, there are not any major content updates. However, the drift board for Fortnite: Battle Royale is still out. That should actually come in December, but was postponed because of technical problems.

The 7.20 patch will also bring additional rewards for the "Xbox One Bundle to Fortnite"