Hytale: What is it and why there is a huge Hype?

Hytale is a Minecraft inspired role-playing video game for PC from the developer Hypixel Studios. The game is currently under development.

Hytale is based on Minecraft in its basic idea. Graphics and design are identical. Minecraft is still one of the most popular games of all time. Although it was released a decade ago, the numbers of players are as high as ever.

With over 150 million games sold, Minecraft (MC) stays just behind the classic Tetris in the rankings. The basic target group for Hytale is therefore correspondingly large.

In Hytale, you can mine almost every block in the game world, make new objects from them, build homes and cities and craft equipment. This should be possible on many different servers that want to satisfy every style of play. So something for PvP friends as well as for PvE players or creative gamers who just want to let off steam.

Hytale, Make Movie, Screenshot

The Trailer for Hytale attracts a lot of attention, there is no doubt that MC make up a large part of this hype. After all, Hytale promises as an independent game exactly what many MC fans are still missing: More character customization, more story options and more features in general.

Even though the original MC is still evolving, large patches only appear once or twice a year and only bring a handful of features. That's where Hytale comes in, with a wide range of features to choose from.