Lab Codes Greenhouse: Resident Evil 2 Remake (RE2R)

As you progress through the Resident Evil 2 Remake (RE2R), you’ll have to visit to the Greenhouse lab to get a Chip to upgrade your ID wristband but this facility is secured with codes. Here, we'll find the appropriate codes to gain access to the research lab and the underground facilities.

Once you reach at the greenhouse in the first playthrough, you first take the testing cartridge. You must fill this with a portion for the plant 43. However, the filling station in the drug testing lab is protected by a code that you must enter in the same room at the terminal.

Another trap door also leads down to another test lab, where you have to cool the solution. You can see the code for the trapdoor down on the hatch itself when you're in the greenhouse.

Lab Codes Greenhous, Resident Evil 2, Remake, RE2R

This sequence of cryptic symbols must be entered at the terminal. The code is 3123

In the Underground Lab (B2), head to the lounge, where you can grab a trophy on a table between all the zombies. Search the bottom to get the drug testing lab code 2067

Now you can fill the dispersal cartridge with the potion in the test lab at the filling station. Press the colored buttons in the following order to fill the right amount of solution: red - green - blue - red - green - blue - red - green

Lab Codes Greenhouse, Test Tubes, Resident Evil 2, Remake, RE2R

Then you only have to bring the cartridge (portion) down to the research lab and cool it there. Don’t forget to use the frequency device to restore the electricity in the lounge, otherwise you will not get access to the refrigerator.

Greenhouse codes for the Story B:

In the scenario B, the greenhouse codes are different. For the trapdoor, enter the following code: 5831

The trophy with the code for the test lab you will find in the story B not in the lounge, but in the entrance hall to the research lab. The trophy forms the following code: 2048

Also for filling the cartridge with portion you have to use another combination: blue – red - green - red - blue - red - blue - green - blue - red - green

After cooling the portion, you can use it in the greenhouse and get you the chip for your ID bracelet. After the subsequent escape you are now very close to the end of the game. All you have to do is get a sample of the G virus and make the final boss fight.