Unlock and Switch Second Javelin in Anthem Demo

Athem VIP demo has now ended and the open / public demo will be available to all players from Friday, February 01, 2019 to Sunday, February 03.

In the demo version of the game you have the option to play with two Javelins. However, during the VIP demo some players were having difficulty to not find the option of how to switch between the Javelins. Unlocking the second javelin also caused some technical issues.

The demo starts with the Ranger Javelin and as you progress through the game you can choose a second of the remaining three Javelins: Colossus, Storm or Interceptor.

Javelin, Ranger, Anthem Demo

To unlock the second you have to go to the menu item Forge: Here you will find a menu item with the Javelins in the lower left corner. There's an orange color button on the Javelins. You have to click this.

Click on the name of the javelin of your choice: It opens a new menu in which you can see the names of the Javelins on the left. In the demo the javelin is limited to a maximum of two different suits. Click here on the name of the javelin of your choice.

Unlock Second Javelin, Switch Javelin Guide, Anthem Demo

Click on the name of the javelin. If you click this, another menu opens. Here is a tab called "Default Loadout" or "Standard". You need to select this to change your Javelin. The currently active Javelin can now also be seen in Fort Tarsis.

Unlock Storm, Javelin, Anthem Demo

If you are already in the menu, in which you decide for a mission, freeplay or a raid, you can also change the Javelin.

Unlock Colossus, Javelin, Anthem Demo

At the bottom right you will find a tab named "Smithy", from which you also have access to your javelins and the loadouts.

Unlock Interceptor, Anthem Demo

When will the second Javelin be available? Once you reach Pilot level 12, you will be given the option to choose the second javelin at the blacksmith shop. However, one bug prevented some players from unlocking the second Javelin.