Apex Legends XP: Earn Experience Points, Level Up Fast

The latest battle royal video game from EA, Apex Legends, has already attracted nearly three million players on the first day, and some players are already climbing to level 40, find out how they managed to level up so quickly.

To level up fast in Apex Legends, it's important to understand how your experience XP works. This is divided into several points: Party won, Survival time, Frags, Damage caused, Ally resuscitation, Ally reappearance, Champion killed, Frags Leader and Game with friends.

In Apex Legends, it is important to survive as long as possible to earn maximum XP. At the beginning of the game you’ll get the champion, he is the top player that the game presents to you and killing him will not be easy because he is supposed to be the strongest player in the game. Then the leader of Frags is the person who has made the most casualties during your game.

Playing with your friends also bring some XPs so feel free to add players you meet to get the bonus XP.

Apex Legends, Farm XP, Earn Experience Points, Level Up Fast

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The game is moving towards a passive BR, where wining is essential. If you want to gain maximum XP, we advise you to stay alive and play as a team in order to survive in the game.