Buy Items and In-Game Currency Guide: Apex Legends

The new Free to play Battle Royal Game Apex Legends is now available to download and play. If you have just started playing this game and wondering how to buy items or how the micro-transaction works in Apex Legends, then here's everything you need to know about currency system in AL.

- In AL you’ll find three currency types: Apex Coins - these you buy for real money to buy Apex Packs.
- Legend Tokens - This currency you earn in the game at a level-up and it is used to buy colors for legendary weapons and skins in the shop or to unlock new characters
- Crafting Metals - These you unlock in AL to create skins and items

Apex Packs and Contain: there are different packs that contain different items depending on the cost:

Apex Legends Starter Pack for $4.99

- 600 apex coins
- Exclusive animated weapon skin fresh meat RE45
- Exclusive food frenzy badge

Founder pack for $30

- 2,000 apex coins
- Exclusive legendary Hemlok Demon Weapon Skin
- 3 exclusive Roughneck character skins (1 each for Wraith, Bloodhound and Gibraltar)
- 3 exclusive badge frames (1 each for Wraith, Bloodhound and Gibraltar)
- 1 exclusive founder plaque

You can also buy Extra coins. 1,000 coins cost about $9.99.

Apex Packs you get in the game as a kind of Lootbox, if your hero gets a level-up. Overall, you'll unlock 45 Apex Packs. The Lootboxes never contain items that you already own. In addition, one of 30 packs should always be a legendary item.

Apex Legends, Characters, Bangalore, Bloodhound, Caustic, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Mirage, Pathfinder, Wraith

There are several things you can unlock or buy. This includes:

- Skins for your characters
- Claims
- Banner
- Finishing Moves
- Weapon skins

You can purchase characters with Apex coins. Two of the eight characters will cost you 750 Apex coins. You can also unlock the heroes with Legend Tokens. For each character, you will need to spend 12,000 Legend Tokens.