Defeat Titans Quickly: Anthem Combat Guide

Titans are powerful big monsters in Anthem’s main story. These creatures have different attacks, including large scale fire explosions and laser attacks and defeating them will bring you good rewards, so it is worth defeating any Titan that comes your way.

Find Titans

If you are looking for a challenging battle against this monster, then you should look for world events. They are relatively rare in this Freeplay mode. However, the Great Falls Canyon area is best location to find Titans as many events can take place in this area.

Tactics to Defeat Titans in Anthem

The Titans have several weak spots. These become vulnerable each time the Titan makes an attack. These include the two forearms, as well as small openings at the upper back end and in the middle of the torso.

When the weak spots become vulnerable, they flicker for a short time in orange flames. If you hit on it at this time, you inflict increased critical damage.

Protect Yourself from Enemy Attacks: When fighting against a Titan, you should always stay close to a big object that gives you protection. No matter what Javelin you use, the Titan's attacks can hit you suddenly and unexpectedly.

If you properly read his moves and get to a safe place early enough, you should be able to avoid most of his attacks.

Combat Tips

If you’ve done enough damage to the vulnerabilities before the creature complete its attack, then you can even interrupt the upcoming attack. He becomes weak here and even occasionally drops ammunition or armor packages.

The Colossus Siege Cannon is the best weapon to do enough damage to Titan in a short amount of time.

These attacks are unique among the enemies of Anthem and challenge all your skills.

Fire Ring Attack

In this attack, the enemy channels his power by touching the ground with his hand. He then creates several large fire rings, which spread out from the position of Titan wide. The fire rings usually appear on different levels. If you are hit by fire, you’ll take considerable damage and your Javelin will overheat immediately. As a result, you cannot fly anymore.

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How To Escape Titan’s Fire Ring Attack: As soon as you realize that the Titan is moving its hand towards the ground, you should distance yourself as soon as possible. You have to pay close attention to what height the rings appear and then react accordingly. Trained Interceptor pilots can jump over the individual rings, while a Colossus can get away with flying altitude.

Basically, you should be as high up in the air as possible in this attack if you want to survive. For this reason, Storm pilots have an extreme advantage in this attack as he can stay in the air longer than other pilots.

Energy Sphere Attacks

Titan creates an explosive sphere out of nowhere that can appear at any point in the air or on the ground. Mostly these appear right next to your Javelin to catch you off guard.

Some Titans can also fire them as projectiles, while the energy spheres search for their target and fly towards you and your fellow players at a steady pace.

How to Avoid Energy Sphere Attacks

In this attack, the right timing is everything. You have to dodge at the right moment to escape the explosion. Colossus pilots are a little heavier in this attack and with the other three Javelins, you should wait until the Sphere almost reaches you or nearly explodes. Shortly before you activate your evasive maneuvers and move to the side.

Your double jumps give you a little more distance and should be used in combination with your evasive maneuver.

Energy Beam Attack

This attack is a glowing laser beam emanating from Titan's chest. This attack is usually aimed at a Javelin and pursues this until the energy beam comes to an end. When you are hit by this beam, you suffer heavy damage.

The important thing about this attack is that Titan reveals his weak spot on his chest as long as he fires the energy beam.

Avoid Energy Beam Attack

As soon as you see the Titan bending forward and channeling energy from the ground, you should immediately take cover and break the line of sight to the Titan. If Titan can not see you, he cannot hit you either.

After the laser has been activated, at least one team member should venture into the danger zone and do as much damage as possible to his spot. Because compared to its regular weak points, which are often vulnerable, the titanium takes the most damage at its chest opening.

Ash Elemental Attacks

In this attack, the Titan summons several small elemental creatures beside his feet. These so-called "Ash Elemental" are independent enemies and look like little black clouds of energy.

They don’t have a lot of life, but they are very explosive and they are pretty aggressive.

Avoid Ash Elemental Attacks

These Elemental creatures should be killed as soon as you see them. Because if some of them come too close to you, the combined explosions can cost you a lot of life very quickly.

Because these enemies respond to combo attacks, the Storm provides an optimal defense strategy for the Ash elemental.

An Interceptor, on the other hand, should be a bit more careful, because although the little ash cloud invites close combat, it is not recommended to detonate them.