How to Collect Coins in Featured Creative Islands: Fortnite

The first overtime challenges in Fortnite are now alive. There are 20 tasks available to get XP, Stars, Free Skin and Battle Pass for season 8.

One of the tasks requires you to get coins in Featured Creative Islands. In this guide we’ll give you some useful tips on how to accomplish this task.

In order for you to get coins, you must start in the Creative mode of Fortnite. There you pick any island and start directly in the player search.

Where can I find the coins? The coins are scattered around the Fortnite map. There are no fixed spawn points but you'll find them quickly.

To complete this challenge you must find 15 such coins. So it takes some time for the task to succeed.

It's enough if you get near to the coin. You will then see the progress in the bar, so you can be sure that the coin found also counts.

Kate the Cursed, Collect Coins, Featured Creative Islands, Fortnite

Here, we recommend you the mode Tollmolia, you will be able to collect 5 pieces very easily and the mode Kate the Cursed or you just have to land to collect them.

Completing 13 tasks out of 20 of the overtime challenges will get you free Battle Pass for Season 8.

With the Battle Pass, you can then get free skins and complete weekly challenges in the upcoming season.

You have until February 27 to complete this task and collect the free Battle Pass.