Key Location of Snowfall Prisoner Skin Stage 2 in Fortnite

The prisoner is the special skin introduced in season 7 of Fortnite Battle Royal. It has several stages and needs to complete a total of 60 individual tasks from the current week challenges to unlock it.

Like many special skins, Snowfall Skin has several stages that you can unlock but this time, it will not be a challenge, phase 2 of the prisoner is unlocked directly during the game by finding a hidden key in the Polar Peak castle.

Snowfall Prisoner Skin, Stage 2, Fortnite Battle Royal

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The location of the key

The first key unlocks the lock from the prisoner's face. The key to this is close to the prisoner's former cell. You’ll find it in the tower of the castle at Polar Peak.

Castle Tower, Polar Peak, Snowfall Prisoner Skin, Stage 2, Fortnite

Go to the tower and look on the top floor under the roof, in the library room. There you’ll find the key on one of the tables with a birdcage. Collect it and your Prisoner Skin now has the option without a lock on his face.

Key Location, Snowfall Prisoner Skin, Stage 2, Fortnite

Please note that the key appears only if you have the prisoner skin. Without a skin, you cannot find the key, even if you're in the right place.