KH 3 Defeat Schwarzgeist and Unlock Thermosphere Trophy

Schwarzgeist is a big spacecraft in Kingdom Hearts 3 that you must destroy in order to unlock Thermosphere Trophy.

Schwarzgeist is one of the endgame challenges in KH3 and should not be taken lightly. If you want to destroy the spacecraft, you should have equipped / upgrade your gummi ship properly. In addition, your speed must be above 200, otherwise you won’t be able to start the fight.

Schwarzgeist Location

Schwarzgeist can be found in the second galaxy - Misty Stream area. Almost exactly in the middle of this galaxy, you may already have noticed the big green tornado.

If you try to fly there at the beginning, you will not succeed as your gummi ship must have at least a speed of 200 to succeed. So once again, continue playing the story until you enter into this galaxy.

An easy way to get a fast spaceship is to photograph the constellation Endymion in the Misty Sream galaxy. As a reward you will then get the fast Endymion spaceship with over 200 speed.

Then equip it and fly into the green tornado to encounter Schwarzgeist. Of course you can also upgrade any other ship to get it up to this speed.

Kingdom Hearts 3, Misty Stream Galaxy, Defeat Schwarzgeist

How to Defeat Schwarzgeist

We recommend that you equip the repair kit before your fight, as you can heal yourself regularly during the long boss fight. You can use it every 30-40 seconds and you will need it too.

Otherwise, there is not much to consider in the fight. You should dodge a lot to avoid the numerous attacks of Schwarzgeist, especially the radiation attack. Keep Schwarzgeist under continuous fire until you have taken all his lifelines.

At the very end, you'll have to take a mini-version of Schwarzgeist before the fight is won. You will then receive the Achievement Thermosphere, 12,000 experience points plus the Golden Highwind ships.