The Best Equipment and Inscriptions Guide: Anthem

In Anthem, you’ll be able to unlock new gear after reaching the pilot level 30 - endgame. These items have inscriptions, special bonuses to help you have better equipment. The game explains you relatively little about which gear is good, which can be dismantled without danger? To make such decisions, you must weigh what perks / inscription you want on your equipment.

The game distinguishes between two types of properties: Inscriptions that affect the complete equipment (general damage increase) and Inscriptions which only affect the object on which this inscription has been scrolled.

Which type is meant, you can recognize by the symbol on the equipment. Global inscriptions have a Javelin symbol (or pilot), special inscriptions a gear-like symbol.

The best Global Inscriptions

The Global inscriptions always affect the complete equipment. You should look for the following properties:

- +% Damage - Increases damage output from all sources. One of the best inscriptions because it reinforces all your damage.
- [Skill] +% damage - Increases the damage of a specific skill. Which skill is meant, you can recognize the assigned key.
- [Skill] +% Cooldown - Reduces the cooldown of a specific skill, effectively increasing your damage output
- [Weapon] +% damage - Increases the damage of a specific weapon type. Combined with the normal damage bonus for all equipment, you become a DPS monster.
- Armor +% Maximum - Increases the green life bar and thus your chances of survival.
- Combo +% Damage - Increases the combo damage caused. Especially in the higher levels of difficulty an important value.

The Best Equipment, Inscriptions, Gear Guide, Anthem

- Element +% Damage - Increases the damage of all elemental attacks. Not to be confused with properties that only affect a specific element.
- Melee +% Damage - Increases the damage of melee attacks and abilities. Especially interesting for Interceptor, who are in close combat by the opponent hordes.
- Repair +% Drop rate - Increases the drop chance of repair items in a kill. Especially important for Collossus who is constantly in the battle.
- Shield +% Delay - Reduces the time it takes your shield to recharge. You can therefore rush back into battle faster.
- Shield +% Capacity - Increases shield capacity, which is always a good thing.
- Strength +% Happiness - Increases the chance to get high quality loot (qualitative, not quantitative). If you find weapons with this perk, do not throw them away. They can be very useful later, because of this ability you will find rarer loot.
- Weapon +% damage - Increases the damage of all weapons
- Weapon +% Magazine - Increases the clip size of all weapons
- Weapon +% Ammo - Increases the ammo reserves of all weapons
The Best Special Inscriptions

Special inscriptions only affect the equipment item on which this inscription has rolled. You can take the following properties safely:

- +% critical damage - Increases the damage of critical attacks. Very valuable on slow firing weapons like sniper rifles
- Weapon +% Rate of Fire - Increases the rate of fire of the equipped weapon and thus the damage dealt
- Weapon -% Reload Time - Reduces the reload time of the equipped weapon

Which Javelin should look for what skills? Which inscriptions you should focus on depends largely on how you want to play anthem:

- Javelins like the Storm are more focused on powerful elemental attacks. You should therefore look for properties that strengthen those skills. Weapons play a minor role here.
- The Interceptor does not last a lot, but is often in the middle of combat. Put on melee inscriptions and try to reinforce your armor and shield
- Like the Interceptor, the Collossus needs massive armor, but it can also deal properly with its heavy weapons. All the perks that strengthen these weapons make the tank even more powerful.
- The Ranger is a balanced class and offers a lot of scope for customization. Decide for yourself whether you want to strengthen your weapons, or your skills like the grenade or the damn cool laser arm.