Defeat Juzou Unlock Unrefined Sake Prayer Bead: Sekiro SDT

Juzou, the Drunkard is the second boss that you’ll encounter in Hirata area in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. If you've reached this boss then you're starting to master the basics, but he is a pretty difficult boss to deal with. The best strategy to defeat Juzou, the Drunkard is to kill all other enemies and avoid face to face fight with him. In addition to being a boss, he is surrounded by many friends.

Strategy to Defeat Juzou

The best thing to do is to kill all the enemies around Juzou before confronting him. If you talk to Nogami Gensai, he will also support you in the fight. He is the key to victory! However, you must first defeat all other enemies before you call Nogami into the battle.

To kill the surrounding enemies go through the buildings of the left side and take them one by one. Follow the course and you can then stab an enemy with a wooden shield - now all enemies are storming towards you!

Kill the henchman as fast as possible and then eliminate one opponent after another until only Juzou is left.

Now escape back to the building and wait for Juzou to lose track and return to his starting position.

Sneak up on him and attack him with a stealth attack to reduce his life-bar.

Defeat Juzou, Unlock Rewards, Unrefined Sake, Prayer Bead, Sekiro SDT

Then walk to Nogami Gensai and talk to him to help you. Just stay behind Juzou all the time and wait until he focuses on Nogami.

Juzou is not so complicated once his attacks are learned. Generally, he attacks two or three times in a row. Before making a formidable attack that must be avoided by jumping (A / X) but it is a difficult habit to take.

The best time to attack Juzou when he drinks alcohol but when he spits, you should not stay in front of him otherwise you will be poisoned, make a dash to put yourself in his back and attack.

Defeating Juzou will unlock Unrefined Sake and Prayer Bead.