Find and Kill Outlaw: Anthem Location Guide

The daily and weekly challenges in Anthem require you to find kill different factions. However, finding the Outlaw faction is difficult as they rarely show up. In this guide, we'll show you how to find and kill them to raise your kill number.

Outlaw Spawn Locations

- Go to the Necropolis cave in free mode.
This cave is located east of the Great Falls Canyon. On your map you will find the exact location.

In this cave you can either use the spawn method from above or use it as the starting point for a farm route.

- There are some outlaws in this cave
- Take care only of the standard opponents with red life indicator
- Keep at least one legendary opponent alive
- As long as he does not die, the standard enemies will continue to spawn and you can comfortably raise your kill number.

The above method can be used in any mission where outlaw appears. For example, if you have a target where you have to collect relics or echoes, you can simply ignore them and focus on Farming the Outlaws.

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As long as you don’t encounter the target, new enemies will spawn and you can easily raise your killing numbers. But this method is mainly suitable for solid groups, in which one can arrange with friends.

Outlaw Spawn Locations, Anthem

Random spawn points for outlaws can be found mostly in Great Falls Canyon and in the Academy Ruins areas.

In the valley of Tarsis, you also have additional spawn points for outlaws. If you go through with the other areas, you can just go there and continue searching.

If your outlaws prefer to work on assignments, missions by the Arcanist faction are the best option. On this you get to do it more often with outlaws.

With a little luck, you will also come across outlaws through world events.