Google STADIA: Available Games, Price and Release

Google, the world most popular search engine, has just unveiled its new project. It’s a new cloud gaming services called Google STADIA (GS).

The STADIA runs on powerful servers in a data center. The GS user’s inputs using controller or keyboard are sent to the server and the image in turn streamed to the screen. Installations, downloads and updates are not required, but you should have permanent internet connection to use this service.

Update 7/10/2019

Google Confirms that the games purchased in Stadia will not be lost

In a recent Q&A session on the Engadget portal, the search engine giant confirmed that the games purchased in the Google store would never lost. This is one of the issues that most concern future users interested in the bet of Google. In other words, if a consumer purchases a game and the publisher of that title leaves Stadia, the player can continue to play even though that title is no longer available on the platform.

Update 6/6/2019

Finaly Google has confirmed list of games that will be available at launch:

    The Division 2
    Get Packed
    Ghost Recon Breakpoint
    Baldur's Gate III
    Destiny 2 with all its expansions
    Rage 2
    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
    Assassin's Creed Odyssey
    DOOM Eternal, Wolfenstein Youngblood
    Power Rangers Battle For the Grid
    Exodus Metro
    Samurai Shodown
    Football Manager 2020
    The Crew 2
    Borderlands 3
    NBA 2K
    Farming Simulator 19
    Mortal Kombat 11
    Final Fantasy XV
    Tomb Raider Trilogy
    Darksiders Genesis
    Just Dance 2020

As you can see, it is a good launch catalog for a new platform. Although it is true that games are already available, mostly in consoles of current generation and PC, the first users of Stadia can enjoy a good portion of action and adventure by some of the most reputable companies in the sector. 

Update: 3/26/2019

Last week Google introduced its new product Stadia. In their presentation we are left with the desire to know many things, including the price of the monthly fee. But it seems that the analysts are already drawing their own conclusions.

An example is that of Lewis Ward, IDC analyst, who says that Stadia will have a monthly subscription of $ 15 a month, as it would be appropriate for the promising Google video game system.

" PS Now costs $ 20 a month, but they have offered several discounts, if Stadia can offer more than 500 games at launch and add 50 titles a month, $ 15 would be appropriate, " says Lewis.

STADIA Supports Crossplay

GS can be used on any Internet-enabled device with a screen that supports the service and the internal hardware of the device is not that important.

For the launch, GS runs on the Chrome browser on PCs and Android devices, in addition, the service can be used via Chromecast on any TVs. The device can be changed at any time and score are transferred flawlessly besides, STADIA supports crossplay.

During its testing phase GS streamed 1080p resolution games at 60 FPS, which recommended a 25 Mbps Internet connection. Meanwhile, the technology has been further optimized so that the launch of 4K resolution and 60 FPS at 30 Mbit / s should be possible. If you have a worse connection, you get a lower resolution picture. In the future, Google wants to make even 8K resolutions at 120 FPS and more possible with Stadia.

Google STADIA, Available Games, Price, Release Date

During the event Google has also introduced a new controller that connects via Wi-Fi directly to the Google servers. In addition to the classic buttons of a modern controller, the GS controller has two additional buttons: a button records gameplay and shares it with YouTube, another activates the Google Assistant, which can be addressed via the integrated microphone and then give help with games.

To use Stadia on TV, the controller is mandatory, also may need Chromecast. On the PC but can also use other joypads to play GS games.

Stadia is Constantly Improving

How Google wants to help you Speed Up Your Internet Connection? Google is aware of the problem and therefore plans to help the Stadia interested customers to optimize their Internet connection. This also includes advice on the hardware.

For example, the first tip was given that you should connect the Stadia controller not via Bluetooth, but via WiFi, because Bluetooth is very slow.

List of Available STADIA Games

Assassin's Creed Odyssey, NBA 2K and Doom Eternal will probably be available at launch. We will update this list accordingly once GS confirmed its launch titles.

GS will closely collaborate with other Google services such as YouTube. In addition, the special situation that games always run on high-end hardware in a data center is used for some special features:

- Crowd Play: If you watch a YouTube video in which a streamer plays a game, you’ll be able to jump into this game directly via GS. One click should be enough to land in a few seconds in the same game.
- State Share: In GS games you can save a certain point in your game with all the associated variables such as location of your character or life bar - in a link and send it to friends. They can then jump into the game right at that point and recreate your gaming experience or compete with you.
- Style Transfer: Using an AI, GS can analyze the art style of a picture and put it on a game of your choice. With this, games can be visually changed drastically, which should be very exciting, especially for game developers.

STADIA Price / Subscription

The price of Google Stadia is still unknown. Presumably, the service will finance a monthly or yearly subscription mode.

STADIA Launch Date

GS official launch date has not yet been confirmed by Google.