Sekiro Ends Guide: Shura Purification Immortal and Return

In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, you’ll encounter four different endings and if you wish to collect all trophies available in the game then you’ll have to unlock all these endings at least once.

Shura Ending

This is the easiest and straightforward ending that you’ll get in Sekiro. After killing the Guardian Monkey and the Corrupted Monk at Mibu Village you have to go back to the top of Ashina Castle. There you’ll find the Owl. Talk to him and he will give you two choices, obey him and respect the iron code or choose to help Kuro.

- Here you must select to obey The Owl and face two bosses Emma and Isshin Ashina, after defeating them you'll be able to unlock the Shura end.

Purification Ending

- After killing the Guardian Monkey and the Corrupt Monk, go the Owl at the top of Ashina Castle, once again, select the option Kuro's Camp. Here you’ll have to defeat the Owl.
- Now go to Isshin Ashina's room and listen her conversation with Emma.
- Go to Kuro's room and spy on her by hiding.
- Rest and talk to Emma about Kuro, and say that you agree.
- Rest a second time and talk to Emma again.
- Go to the Old Grave Idol, go to the left and talk to Emma.
- Go to the Temple in ruins, then listen to them from behind the building.
- Then talk to Emma, she will give you a bell that you can use the statue of Buddha, as the first time.
- Return to the battle room against Lady Butterfly.
- Defeat the Owl again, but it is much more formidable this time. At his defeat you will get that end.

Immortal Severance Ending

After the battle with Guardian Monkey and the Corrupt Mok, go to the Owl at the top of Ashina Castle, but this time pick Kuro's Camp. You'll have to face and defeat the Owl. The rest is simple enough, follow the story and activate the end.

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Return Ending (Best Ending)

- This time when your conversation with the Owl, refuse to obey him and face him.
- Then you need to collect 2 fruits of Giant Serpents, the fresh and the old. For the fresh one, you must follow our Senpou Temple Kite guide.
- For the Old One, it is necessary to go down to the bottom of the area, in the poisoned marsh before the guardian monkey, there is a vendor, as well as a cave defended by another snake. Stay left and use your Ninjutsu Puppeteer technique on the monkey. It will distract the snake which will allow you to go through the door to pick up the fruit.
- Now go and see the Divine Child in Inner Sanctum of Senpou Temple. It will be necessary to give him the sacred chapter infested obtained at the bottom of the pool of the temple after the big wooden bridge, in which two carps swam. It will be necessary to dive to obtain it. She will then go to the illusory realm where you confronted the 4 monkeys.
- Talk to her and she will come to the inner Sanctum. Talk to her again and mention the fruits. She will then mention the monk in the dark cave nearby. Visit the cave, deep down you will find his body with a parchment. Return and speak to her again. You can now give her the fruits. You will probably have to rest several times at Idol to trigger certain options.
- She will give you the frozen dragon tears. You can use them at the end of the game on Kuro, to unlock the return ending.