Sekiro SDT Skill Tree, Shinobi and Unlockable Bonuses

In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, you’ll have the opportunity to master secret skills developed by the past ninjas to help you in your quest for revenge.

Unlock Secrets of the Shinobi Arts

You’ll not get the skills at the early stage of the game, you’ll have to progress a little in the history and then you must get and item called “Shinobi Esoteric Text”. This item would be somewhere in the first exploration branch of the game, when you are allowed to unlock events that took place before. You’ll encounter these in the first hours of play, so you will not have to wait too long.

Sekiro will have RPG genre elements, like Souls, but you will not be entitled to raw statistics gains at each level. Instead, enough experience will be needed to buy special skills and unlock new powers. This will rarely be a direct power gain, you will not be able to get dozens of levels and then reach the bosses. But this will certainly expand the possibilities open to you, and there is no doubt that having the right attack powers and making good use of them can drastically make things easier.

Every time you die, you also lose half of the experience gained for the next Shinobi skill.

Prosthetic Tools and Quick Items

You will not be able to have all your arsenal of skills available to you permanently. You can activate only one combat art and only one ninjutsu (special technique) at a time, plus they consume white spirit emblems for each use (6 in general), a consumable type object harvested from enemies. However, these are active techniques there are also passive techniques whose effect is permanent.

Sekiro SDT, Skill Tree, Shinobi, Unlockable Bonuses

Acquire Skills - Shinobi Arts

In Shinobi arts talent tree, you’ll find different branches as well as different costs for the techniques, some cost one point and others more. The branches in which you will invest will influence the way you play, some favor direct combat, others discretion and assassinations.

The best well known Shinobi Art is Wirlwind Slash. This can be used to attack multiple enemies at once and deals damage even if it is blocked.