What's Inside the Secret Volcano Area: Fortnite Season 8

The introduction of the new volcano area is probably the most notable addition to the season 8 of Fortnite. You’ll find it in the northeast of the map where Wailing Woods was, and while a cautious player would tend to stay away from an erupting volcano, the more adventurous Fortnite players will tend to discover what awaits inside the secret volcano area.

You can go inside the secret volcano area via an entrance on the south side of the mountain, or simply by jumping through the crater. You will find enough chests to equip you and the strong draft blowing in the middle of the crater that will allow you to move quickly to another area of the map.

Secret Volcano Area, Inside Volcano, Fortnite Season 8, Week 1

Remember that lava will only take you one hit per touch and is bouncy, so you'll be able to move quickly from one end of the volcano to the other without losing too much health.