Anno 1800: Electricity and Power Plants Build Tips

To unlock electricity in Anno 1800, you need at least 1750 engineers in your village and power brings the following benefits to your village.

- Investors require electricity. So without electricity, you have no chance to increase you population level.

- Besides, it has a positive effect on your economy: the more advanced your score is, the more demanding your production facilities will be. Some of them don’t work without power.

- Even older buildings, where workers or craftsmen are employed, benefit from electricity. While they don’t require power to operate at all, their productivity is still increasing with a nearby power plant. This applies to almost all farms that don’t concern pure agriculture.

Once you got 1750 engineers, you can unlock five new buildings in the tree menu. You need each one of them to provide enough electricity.

- Oil Refinery: On one or more of your islands you will find oil wells. Near these spots, you place your oil refinery to put oil derricks on the springs and drain oil.

- Oil Port: Since not every island has oil resources, you have to ship oil between the respective locations. Therefore, an oil port is essential. Not only it is used for trading, the oil can also be stored there. In addition, the transport trains start from there.

- Oil depot: In order to store as much oil as possible, you also need an oil depot, which - like warehouses - increases the capacity.

- Railroad tracks: To be able to drive with the transport trains over the entire island, you need of course rails.

- Electricity plant: Last but not least, there is the power plant, which provides electricity in "Anno 1800". It uses oil and produce electricity for the nearby factories.

Tips for Constructing Buildings:

- First you should build an oil refinery close to the oil wells and place derricks.

- Then you build an oil port so that the oil can be stored and distributed. However, it is better to have railroad tracks. So build a well-developed rail network so that the oil can be transported across the island.

Anno 1800, Build Electricity, Plants Build Tips

- Next, build power plants near factories or other production buildings. Spend your material and manpower wisely. Start with a single power plant and increase slowly.

So, if you think about the building railway roads early on in town planning, you should keep a few points in mind. In terms of space, rails in Anno 1800 are as wide as roads. However, they are more expensive: while a normal street costs $ 3 and no materials, a single piece of rail costs $ 50 and also requires wooden boards and sometimes steel.

The same rules apply to railroad tracks as they do to roads: they can be crossed without difficulty, but construction through houses or fields is not possible. If you want to cross a river with the rails, this is also not a problem, but the construction of a bridge (which, as in the case of paths, automatically creates) is quite expensive.