Anno 1800: Essential Tips and Strategies for Beginners

Here we have compiled some essential tips and strategies for Anno 1800 beginners. Whether the needs of your NPCs, trade or the warfare, we’ll show the basics of game mechanics.

Your First Island:

- It is important that your first island generates clay, potato and grain fertility. These are the most important raw materials to satisfy your farmers and build the first buildings.

- All other raw materials will require later in the game and can be brought from other islands if necessary.

- Even a small island can be profitable at the beginning. However, at some point you will run out of space. Therefore, the first island should have an ample buildable area.

Building Design:

- A good strategy is vital for you when you are on the high levels of difficulty, before you set a building wrong and the amount paid in demolition not regained.

- Activate this mode with the "V" key. Then you can build, plan and if necessary move, if the plan doesn’t work out.


Your population can be divided into different categories: farmers, workers, craftsmen and engineers. Each team is required for certain jobs and is used as a currency during construction.

- To upgrade from one group to the next, you need to upgrade the homes of your residents. In return, you have to meet their needs (alcohol, bread, fish, soap, etc.). You will find these when you click on a house.

- The second factor to upgrade is the number of residents. Equip more houses of the lesser occupancy to replenish here.

- Be careful not to ruin your upgrade. You need balanced proportions of each group. If you equip some of them, they will of course be missing in the lower group.

- You can also downgrade houses again and thus regain residents of the lower level of the population.

Armed Forces:

- All warfare takes place on the water. Land units are not important

- Avoid building too many units before a war breaks out. A standing army has the advantage of always being prepared, but it also costs a lot of maintenance

- To defeat enemies on an island, first you must destroy their office. This is also extremely well protected by guns and cannons.

- Don't sell too many ships to allies. The same applies to cannons or sails to make the ships. Who knows if they will not strengthen their army with the new material and switch off quickly?

Anno 1800, Essential Tips, Strategies for Beginners


- The industry has its light and dark sides. With mines, smelting furnaces and blacksmithing you get a lot of money and the means to defend you. However, your inhabitants resent the pollution.

- Industrial areas should therefore always be built outside your actual settlement. Imagine it as a small colony operating with a warehouse independent of the rest.

- Because once the goods are in the warehouse, it can be accessed from any building.

- In addition, build a fire station near the industrial area. The buildings like to explode or become sabotaged. So you can neutralize quickly.


- You may have built farms but did not get any production.

- Here you have to click on the farms first and look for the field symbol in the pop-up menu. Now you can pull the boxes.

- Accordingly, farms consume a lot of space for 100 percent capacity. Again, the blueprint mode (V) helps to estimate in advance how much area you need.

- Note that pig farms and butcheries lower the reputation of your island. Your inhabitants need sausage but to ascend. So you have to balance.


- One aspect that you should not underestimate is culture.

- Both lead to the same result. They give you a nicer metropolis, in which the inhabitants like to live and visitors like to linger. As a result, you end up getting more money.

- While you may have to put up with smaller trees and shrubs in the beginning, you can later build a museum or a zoo. These then increase their popularity again, depending on the exhibits and animals you place in them.

- Such items and animals can be obtained through expeditions to which you can send your ships.

Anno 1800, Harbor, Buildings


- First, you need enough space in your warehouses. Anno 1800 doesn’t explain that you can expand your capacity by building new camps under the "Harbor" tab.

- If you have such a surplus of goods, you can click on them in the office and see how much they cost in buying and selling.

- We recommend that you always choose the sell option if you don’t really want to buy a good. So the goods are sold up to the specified limit.

- If you choose "balanced" instead, they are sold to the limit, but also bought. So should you sell fast and then consume - for example, sausage - by your inhabitants, you suddenly have unnecessary expenses.

- Trade routes in the lower left screen show you which goods the other city people needs, as long as you have negotiated trading rights with them.

- Some of them demand short-term goods, such as a sewing machine, but some cannot get enough and, for example, demand an infinite amount of coal. If you follow the wishes, you can do a lot of friction.