Borderlands GOTY Fix Bugs, Lags, Slow Downs, Not Starting

You may have been experiencing some bugs such as Lags, Sound Issues, Slow Downs, Low FPS, Freezes and Not Starting errors when running Borderlands Game of the Year Edition on PC. Until a patch is available, we have compiled some solutions to get rid of most of these bugs!

First you need to open the folders: Documents \ My Games \ Borderlands Game of the Year \ WillowGame \ Config. Once done, open the text file: WillowEngine.ini.

Then look for: bHasVoiceEnabled = True

To go faster you can press Ctrl + F and copy in the search: bHasVoiceEnabled = True displayed above to allow you to access it directly.

Once you have found the corresponding line replace it by: bHasVoiceEnabled = False (in fact you only change the True to False). This makes it possible to turn off the microphones in game completely and to solve the bugs that seemingly come from too large packets of audio data sent into play. Once you have closed the folder text in .ini, right click on it, go to property and check the read-only box at the bottom.

Borderlands GOTY, Fix Bugs, Lags, Slow Downs, Not Starting Errors

Now restart the game and when the next screen pop up Click OK

Then choose your options from the next menu screen (you will have to redo this very simple and very fast manipulation each time) and then click BACK.