Days Gone Craft, Combat Skills, Reputation and Bike Tips

In this Days Gone (DG) survival guide, we’ll give you a complete list of everything you need to know from Crafting to Motorbike management.


Generally, the craftsmanship is less important in Days Gone. It is molded after The Last of Us and the main protagonist’s pickup icons and animations seem to be taken from Naughty Dog's license. It is therefore a radial menu divided into several categories (care objects, weapons on the ground, etc.). If you have the right material, then you simply play the right stick and use the L2 key to make the desired object.

The advantage is that the opening of the menu slows down time, so it is possible to make something to heal during battle, as long as you are a minimum cover and at a safe distance.

Objects used throughout the game: Bandana, Molotox Cocktail and Spiked Bat

Combat Skills

- To survive in a hostile zone, you’ll have to save ammo. For this you should not use them and make a killing with weapons in close range. Thus, in the skills to get priority, we strongly recommend that you increase the damage inflicted by melee weapons. Then you can explore the weapon damage tree to prepare for your encounters with the hordes.

- Sometimes DG battles require coping with the environment and if enemies roam around, you may run. You must use this tactic to your advantage and lead the team in places you know are conducive to environmental interactions.

- By investing a little bit, it is possible to cause to dig big holes in the enemy swarm by preparing the ground in advance, with traps and a pool of explosives just waiting to boom.

Camps, Reputation and Money

- The map camps house all the services you'll need: a gunsmith for the guns, a bounties vendor to make money and of course, small side quests that will help people to better live the situations in which they find themselves. Every action or mission you do for a clan will be rewarded with reputation.

- By increasing rank with a faction, new items and upgrades for Deacon's motorbike will be unlocked. A good way to easily increase your reputation is to make all the small random event cards, usually involving hostages. By saving him, you can tell him the camp of your choice as a new home, giving you a nice deck of points as a reward.

Motorbike Management, Upgrade and Customization

In DG, you can upgrade your bike thanks to the mechanics of the camps. More speed, better noise reduction, increased resistance ... We advise you first to increase the speed of the bike.

Days Gone Craft, Combat Skills, Reputation, Bike Tips

Other Useful Tips

For beginners, we recommend that you first look for the Nero Research areas scattered on the map. Most often closed, Nero injectors will give you the choice between several permanent statistics increases: health, stamina or focus.