Farm Coins and Hearts Faster in Mortal Kombat 11 MK11

To unlock rewards in Mortal Kombat 11 (MK11), you should have plenty of coins, hearts and souls. However, the pace of obtaining Coins and Hearts is quite slow and requires you to play the game several hours.

While there is no exact procedure to farm lots of coins and hearts in MK11, you can focus on a series of game modes and actions that can help you speed up your collection.

The Best Ways to Farm Lots of Coins in MK11

To obtain plenty of coins in MK11 in a simple way, you’ll have to play the game several rounds. You need coins for the Krypt, where most of the rewards of the game are awaited.

Visit the Krypt

First, visit Krypt area. There you’ll find lots of chests and rewards. Practically the first time you enter you can open the first two chests that contain considerable amount of coins.

Complete the Tutorial and the Story Mode

It is important that you complete the game tutorial as it teaches you techniques and also allows you to earn coins. Plus, you must completely pass the story mode since you will naturally get a lot of these coins and learn much more about the background of each of the characters.
Complete the Daily Challenges

According to the day in which you play, you’ll get a series of daily challenges that will ask you to execute a few combos or win a certain number of combats. If you complete them successfully you will get coins. Unfortunately, you can only complete a daily challenge so try to enter every day.

The Towers of Time

Here, you’ll find floating islands with towers that will be available with a series of challenges for a limited time. If you complete each of the challenges of these towers you’ll also get a large number of coins.

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The Best Ways to Farm Lots of Hearts in MK11

In addition to coins, you’ll also need hearts in MK11. You can use them to open all kinds of chests and containers of the Krypt. But unlike coins, you’ll need hearts to make certain items in the forge.
Do Good Fatalities and Brutalities

You will be rewarded with hearts if you do good fatalities and brutalities in all game modes. So it is good that you practice these skills in the tutorial mode and then put it into practice in the normal games with each of the characters.

Play in the Towers of Time

As we have mentioned above, it is a series of floating islands with towers that will be available with a series of challenges for a limited time. If you complete each of these challenges, you’ll receive hearts as reward.

The Krypt

Every time you open a container or a vault from the Krypt, you could receive hearts. Although they don’t come out very much, you can use previously obtained coins and unlocked rewards to open many more chests and have great chances of getting hearts.

With this you already know what are the best methods to get coins and hearts in MK11.