Farm Gems Easily in The Elder Scrolls Blades TESB

The Elder Scrolls Blades is the latest mobile version of the game from the Fallout Shelter developer Bethesda. It is available to play on both Android and iOS devices.

Gems are one of the virtual currencies of the TESB, and it is possible to buy this through real money. With this currency you can buy number of items in the game, from the purchase of chests to the speeding up of the opening time through the upgrade or creation of buildings. You can also use Gems to get gold or replace craft materials. Gems can also allow you to directly validate your quests. However, these gems are valuable and their multiple uses might tempt you. Let's see the quickest and easiest ways to farm Gems in TESB.

There are several ways to collect gems without paying real money.

The Dungeons

When exploring a dungeon, there is a possibility to farm gems in several ways. The first is to defeat opponents and they can drop gems from time to time. The second is to open chests that can give you too.

Farm Gems Easily, The Elder Scrolls Blades, TESB

Level Rise

Each level you climb in TESB, you’ll get various rewards, sometimes including gems.

The Quests

Some quests also offer you gems as rewards.