Fix PC Controller Problems Easily: Sekiro

Many Sekiro Shadows Die Twice players on PC are having various problems when playing with a controller, either PC, PS4 or Xbox One. In this guide, we’ll show you some fixes that you can try.

Before you follow our troubleshooting guide, you should uninstall the drivers of the controller and reinstall them. If the problem continues and you have an application running in the background that interfere some commands or functions on the screen, disable it. If you still face the issue, then try playing in window mode and if that doesn’t work, try the following steps.

Method 1: From the Steam library

- Press the right button on the game of your Steam library and then open Properties.
- In the General tab, at the bottom, you will see the drop-down menu "Steam input per game…".
- Choose forced on and restart the game.

Method 2: Steam's Big Picture mode settings

- Activate the Big Picture mode (top right corner), click on the settings icon and go to Command options.
- Uncheck the options that don’t belong to your controller (if you play with one of Xbox, remove Nintendo Switch ...).

Method 3: from the game page in Steam's Big Picture mode)

- In Big Picture mode, click on the game and select Manage product.
- Select Command Options and then, Steam Input per game setting.
- Select Global Settings

Method 4: Controller order

Everything points to one of the problems with the Controller in Sekiro lies in the way it recognizes the order of the controls. It does not matter how you connect the controls, since the game recognizes the first one automatically. For many, it ends up being the virtual remote connected to the Unified Virtual HID software, in virtual control software for many PC gaming. The simplest thing is to uninstall it.

Method 5: install Devreorder

Download the Devitorder executable from GitHub and install it in the game or system folder. Follow the instructions that accompany the download on Github (they are quite extensive), but many players have confirmed that this has solved all the problems. Of course, some antiviruses identify Devreorder as malicious software, although as far as we know it is not.