Beat Owl Boss Fight Tips: Sekiro SDT Walkthrough

Before you get to the Great Shinobi Owl in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, you have to defeat Corrupted Monk and the Guardian Ape, almost all the Idols of Ashina Castle are disabled and an army of shinobi enters the scene. After successful winning you must head back to the top of the castle to find the Owl. He will give you a choice that will be crucial and if you refuse his will, a fight triggers. Here are some useful tips to help you defeat the Great Shinobi Owl.

Weapons to use against Owl: The flamethrower is proved to be quite effective against this boss.

Phase 1 Tips

- This boss is not that difficult to defeat but the important thing is to dodge his saber attacks as well as his throws of Shurikens, then manage your posture meter. In Great Shinobi, the he seems to try to break it and then chained with a blow. Remember that you can double your posture recovery by keeping your guard with RB. The pace also depends on your life, don’t take chances with the care is going to be important on this fight.
- This boss has no dangerous strikes however, he will lift his foot in the air and crush you on the ground and then punch your chest with his katana. Fortunately, he doesn’t use it often.
- He loves to finish his combos by throwing a small green grenade in front of him, this will release a cloud of gas that will block all the objects of care for 30s. He is then very aggressive. He is vulnerable when he throws projectile, which will allow you to attack him freely, but be careful not to be touched.

Beat Owl Boss, Fight Tips, Sekiro SDT Walkthrough

- The big shots of Owl often leave you time to interrupt with a quick attack at the right timing, but it is not safe.
- Many of his attacks are followed by shurikens, such as his back jump or a shuriken throw followed by a dash forward with a devastating sword blow. Always be on the alert and ready to do all that.
Phase 2 - Tips

- Just like the phase one but with some additional changes and attacks.
- The jump followed by a poison attack so be careful not to be poisoned, especially as his anti-care stuff blocks the use of antidotes too.
- His most difficult skill is his smoke bomb that will make him disappear and remove the automatic targeting. The camera has a tendency to go in all directions, especially if you are at the edge of the area. You can dodge and wait for the cloud to dissipate or you can try to escape the area with dodges and a sprint but the camera will reposition itself.
- His firecracker technique is more dangerous and will require you to dash back to dodge quickly. Forget the posture damage, they are really bad.