Kill Snake Eyes and Get Prayer Beads: Sekiro Strategy Guide

In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, you’ll encounter two Snake Eye Bosses: Shirahagi and Shirafuji. They are definitely the most difficult bosses to beat and you need a good strategy to deal with them. Our guide will show you how to defeat these mini bosses more efficiently and collect Prayer Beads.

Snake-Eyes Shirahagi you’ll find in the Poison Pool area. It's very easy to sneak around him and start the fight. Here, we recommended killing all the other enemies around before you tackle this Boss. We made the choice not to kill the big gunner in the center of the front zone. As soon as Shirahagi has lost his first life bar, we run into the gunner's back to assassinate him. It is really satisfying to see him knock down the boss with his shots, and that will allow you to attack him in the back quietly.

For Snake-Eyes Shirafuji, things are more complicated and your fight begins immediately once you encounter this boss. But there is a solution. Climbing on the cliff to the left then reach the suspension bridge or even crossing it to kill all the snipers, Shirafuji will come out of combat. You will only have to come back and stab him in the back. In either case, using a Gachiin's Sugar can help you approach unnoticeably.

Weapons and Strategy to use against Shirafuji

Sabimaru Prosthetic Tool is quit effective against this mini boss, by making two complete combos you can poison him which will seriously reduce his life and his posture. It must be done immediately after the assassination or use a Fistful of Ash to have an opening. Please note that an unsuccessful but effective technique for Shirahagi in the Poison Pool is to hide over an obstacle, such as a cliff or statue overlooking poison puddles. He will not be able to reach you and will remain in the poison, which will eventually poison him and reduce his life. With patience, you will have to give it the last blow.

Snake Eyes, Defeat Shirafuji, Sekiro Strategy Guide

Firecrackers are also effective to finish filling the posture bar, especially since they are very simple to use on this boss.

Finally, the Fire Expulsion is also effective against Shirafuji, especially after throwing oil.

Combat Strategy

The best thing to do during the combat is probably to carry 2 quick shots, then to warn, or to dodge the following shots, usually by 2 or 3, for example, his double strike or his kick followed by a shot. You can easily dodge the rifle shots on the sides to chain on an attack.

The attack is pretty easy to see and avoid, but if you are too aggressive, he will punish you. You can either jump back and then sprint forward to attack or you can dodge on the side, but it's a lot more risky. Touching snake eyes during the end of the animation can still cause paralysis and damage. Avoid blocking shots from a distance, they will still inflict damage.