Melee Attacks and Close Combat Tactical Guide: Fortnite

In Fortnite Battle Royal, you’ll often encounter face to face close quarter battles. Thanks to our tactical guide for close combat you’ll emerge victorious from your next short distance fight.

- When starting a melee combat in Fortnite, it is always advisable to build a pyramid in the path of the enemy to avoid further construction and gain height. While this procedure is still valid, it is something that everyone already does. Well instead, you must do something special so that the other opponent doesn’t expect it. Instead of putting a pyramid to annoy the enemies, just build a wall. Your opponents will not expect this movement and you can continue building in a much faster way and can gain height faster than the opponent.

- When we have an entrenched opponent making use of the turtle technique or something similar, what we usually do is always approach to try to win one of the structures, edit it and enter it to defeat it. The bad thing about this procedure is that the rival is already waiting for you and he is following you with the peephole from within, so that when you edit and try to enter he will shoot you. Well, with this new technique you should do exactly the same, but hit one of these walls once.

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- To do this after doing the editing of the structure, immediately reset it. This will make the structure stay in the middle of health, so when the opponent shoots to try to hit you, what you do is shoot the structure itself leaving it already exposed for you to edit, create a window and you knock down.
- During a close combat in a reduced 1×1 room, you can cheat your opponent by building a ramp in front of him. The opponent may think that he is protected by that ramp, but in reality while you are editing it you can turn it 180 ° to discover the enemy and be able to shoot him.