Fix Low Frames Per Second (FPS) and Run Fortnite Faster

Here is a simple and efficient method to fix your Low Frames Per Second (FPS) in Fortnite Battle Royal for PC.

While you can play with the Fortnite settings to boost the FPS, there are many other methods that can work more or less. Well, the Reddit community has a trick to improve the FPS in Fortnite in an amazing way and we’ll show it below.

Before starting this trick, we advise you to enter the original source of the same courtesy of the user of Reddit called Snuffy.

Step 1: Copy and paste the following link in the search bar of your browser WITHOUT pressing Enter

Step 2: Replace a part of the link with a specific code

Replace the link highlighted in bold: % 22 & disk =% 22C% 22

Fix Low Frames,FPS, Fortnite

That part highlighted in bold must be replaced by the following, depending on the computer you have:

- PC with i5 of eighth or ninth generation replaced by: 011111
- PC with i7 up to the seventh generation replaced by: 10101010
- PC With i7 8700 / K replaced by: 101010101010
- PC with i7 9700K replaced by: 00111111
- Ryzen with 4 cores 8 threads replaced by: 10101010
- Ryzen 5 with 6 cores and 12 threads replaced by: 101010101010
- Ryzen 7 with 8 cores 16 threads replaced by: 0000101010101010

With this method you can Increase Your Fire Rate in Fortnite

Step 3: Replace another part of this link depending on where you have Fortnite installed % 22

If you have Fortnite installed on drive C: leave it as is. If it were in another unit, then you change the letter to the corresponding one.

Step 4: Enter and copy a part of the code to create an executable

After ENTER you will see a sequence of code and you must copy the part that goes from cmd.exe to the end, but without including the final quotes that appear to you.
Step 5: Create a shortcut with what we just copied

Simply create a shortcut on your computer's desktop and paste what you just copied (from cmd.exe to the end) and name it "Fortnite".

Step 6: Confirm that the executable is fine

Just click with the right mouse button on the executable and go to properties to see if it points to where we really care. Everything should be fine. It's just a check

Step 7: Open the task manager and close the Epic Launcher and Fortnite

If they were open, use the task manager to close both. You can access faster with Control + Alt + Delete

Step 8: Execute the file

Whenever you want this boost in fps you must use the executable to open Fortnite.

With this simple trick you can improve your low fps in Fortnite and can run the game faster and smoother.