Pick Right Wood to Make Your Wand in HP Wizards Unite

The selection of the wand is a crucial step in the wizard life in Harry Potter Wizards Unite (HPWU), although it is the Wand that picks its sorcerer.

To make your wand in HPWU, you have to click on your character icon at the bottom left of the screen. Then just click where no wand is still inscribed. You will then be able to choose between all the different types of wood that exist.

Select the Right Wood for Your Magic Wand

This is not easy task and you have to pay close attention to how each element influences your wizard's life. For example, depending on your birthday, the effect of the selected wood would be more or less strong! If you want a powerful wand, then here are some helpful tips and guide to pick the right wood.

If you were born between December 24 and January 20: Birch
From January 21st to February 17th: Rowan / Mountain Ash
From February 18th to March 17th: Ash
From March 18th to April 14th: Alder
From April 15th to May 12th: Willow
May 13 to June 9: Hawthorn
From June 10 to July 7: Oak
From July 8th to August 4th: Holly
From August 5th to September 1st: Hazel Wood
From September 2nd to September 29th: Vine Wood
From September 30 to October 27: Ivy
From October 28th to November 24th: Reed
From November 25 to December 23: Elder

There are many different types of wood. Here is the list and their characteristics:

Acacia: Very talented wizards Very often uses Acacia wand, since they are difficult to use.

Hawthorn: If you are of a conflictual nature, this wand is for you! But oddly, it excels in healing spells!

Alder: This is very rigid wood, in fact, made for mild-witted wizards.

Cedar: This is ideal for very loyal people.

Cherry: Contrary to what one might think, cherry wood has a deadly power! It is therefore suitable for people with exceptional mental strength!

Hornbeam: For passionate and sensitive wizards.

Chestnut: This wand types are very changeable because they are greatly influenced by the character of its owner.

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Red Oak: Red oak is perfect for quick and fast wizards who love dueling.

Dogwood: For wizards who love fun and exciting adventures!
(Be careful, these wands refuse to cast spells if they are not formulated).

Cypress: The wood of brave and daring.

Ebony: For wizards who are faithful to their convictions and who always remain themselves.

Spruce: It takes grip and conviction to hold a spruce wand!

Maple: Ideal wood for explorers and ambitious.

Ash:Ideal wood for stubborn people. The ash wands are very faithful and only work with their owner.

Beech: Wisdom is the master word for a beech wand.

Holly: Suitable for wizards often found in perilous situations because the Holly is very protective. And guess what? The Harry Potter wand is made of hollywood!

Yew: This wood is famous for being the rods of Tom Jedusor and Ginny Wealsey. It offers power of life and death and does not choose mediocre wizards.

Laurel: Ideal for energy people but unfaithful if its owner becomes lazy.

Larch: Ideal for all those who have hidden talents.

Hazel: Perfect for sorcerers who can control their emotions because the hazel is very suggestible.

Walnut: Ideal for creative people, innovators and inventors.

Black Walnut: For insightful wizards with a good instinct.

Elm: For the worthy wizards with great dexterity like Lucius Malfoy.

Poplar: Ideal for wizards with a clear morality.

Pine: For curious and independent wizards.

Pear: For wise wizards, caring and generous.

Apple: For sorcerers with high aspirations.

Blackthorn: Perfect for dueling lovers!

Fir: For enduring and determined wizards. Ideal for metamorphosis spells.

Willow: With its healing powers, it is ideal for wizards like Ron Weasley.

Redwood: For naturally lucky wizards.

Mountain Ash: For witches with pure hearts and clear minds. Ideal for protection spells.

Elder: The most difficult wand to master, ideal for powerful wizards.

Sycamore: For curious, adventurous and dynamic wizards.

Silver Lime: Ideal for wizards with the gift of divination or legilimency.

Aspen: A wood made for duelists and revolutionaries.

Vine: For wizards who often surprise those who thought they knew him and who had high goals.

Wand Core

Once the wood is chosen, you have to define what your wand core will be. You have the choice between:

Dragon Heartstring: powerful and easy to use, but can sometimes cause accidents

Unicorn hair: for a very faithful wand without unpleasant fluctuations

Phoenix feather: for a very wide range of magical abilities

Flexibility and Size of Wand

Other important elements for your wand are its flexibility and size.

The ideal is that the size is proportional to your own size but the long wands often correspond to the wizards with strong personalities. The average is between 22 to 35 centimeters.

As far as flexibility is concerned, it mainly symbolizes the ability to adapt to changes. The harder a wand is, the straighter you are in your boots, but that does not mean that you are closed-minded, you are simply full of beliefs!