Play HP Wizards Unite While Driving and Pick Profession

In Harry Potter Wizards Unite (HPWU), you can pick one of the three professions / classes and train yourself to become Auror, Magizoologist or Professor.

Let’s find out the three professions of HPWU to choose your career!


Aurors are experts who can defeat opponents easily by combining their inherent leadership with the art of casting a slew of spells. The Aruros are very effective against the Dark Arts.

Clearly, you will be better able to find and fight evil creatures like spiders or dead eaters.


Trained in the care and defense of magical creatures, magizoologists, in combat, focus on healing their teammates. They are more effective against the Beasts.

HP Wizards Unite, Pick Profession, Auror, Magizoologiste, Professor

This craft allows you to more easily find creatures like Kneazle, Hippogriffs and other Dragons.


The Professors are very skilled spell casters who use their deep magical knowledge to weaken Calamity while supporting their teammates. In short, it's a nice mix between Aurors and Magizoologists.

They are more effective against Nimbus 2000, Portkeys etc.

Each of these professions will unlock the doors of a panel of skills and challenges.

Playing HPWU While Driving Your Car

If your you are moving at the speed limit 32 km / h, then your device detects that and a message asks you if you are a passenger and warns you not to play while driving for your safety.

HPWU, Do Not Drive, Message

Here you’ll get two winks - the first one on the warning message, where we see the famous flying car movies and the second one changes your avatar and makes it appear perched on a broom, once the speed of 32km / h reached!