Sekiro Treasure Carp Guide, Harunaga Koremori Scales Locations

In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, it is important to find two merchants Noble Harunaga and Noble Koremori, as they have valuable items that they will exchange you with treasure carp scales. So to get scales you have to find and kill red treasure carps.

Noble Harunaga Location and Selling Items Guide

Noble Harunaga can be found near Hirata Estate, after you reaching the Hirata Estate via the bell, you will see a large wooden bridge next to which you’ll find a huge pink carp. Just swim across the water and head to the right to find a few small islands. At the edge of the biggest, you’ll find the Scale merchant.

Selling items

Divine Grass (1 Scale): Can make all the difference on a difficult boss, it is better to keep it aside for the end of the game.

Withered Red Gourd (2 Scales): Reduces the burn gauge and is rechargeable like the Care Gourd, can be used on some bosses and enemies.

Mask Fragment: Right (7 Scales): The most expensive item, if you combine it with the 2 other parts of the Dragon Mask, you will be able to swap talent points for attack power points in the Idol menu of the sculptor.

Floating Passage Text (5 Scales): Immediately unlocks a combat art that unleashes many quick attacks. Useful on enemies that don’t block your attacks.

Sekiro, Treasure Carps, Locations Guide

Noble Koremori Location and Selling Items Guide

Noble Koremori can be found near Fountainhead Palace, in the left corner of the map, in an isolated area that require you to make a detour by branches hidden high up. Take the big door to enter in the palace. This will also unlock an additional Idol.

By buying majority of items from this vendor, you’ll get a special quest to kill the large colored carp.

In addition to the final part of the mask, he sells mostly precious Lapis Lazuli.

Treasure Carp Scale Locations

Most of scales can be obtained by killing carp, but they can also be found on the ground:

- The first Carp Scale can be found near the bridge at the entrance of the Hirata residence, it is hidden behind a rock.
- There are 5 carps in the water around Harunaga. But 2 are in depth and are difficult to get at the moment.
- The next carp is also in the Hirata area, just go up the river. It is near the waterfall, but inside the water again.
- There are also 2 carp in the water behind Ashina Castle, but deep down.
- 1 carp is found in the moat of the castle after the invasion of Shinobi.
- 2 carps are in the Senpou Temple pond, near the waterfall.
- Scales are found in a stream flowing from Mibu village.
- Many carps are in the lake of the Fountainhead Palace.
- Go see the priest of the Mibu Village hidden in a corner of his house at the end of the village (enter from below) and give him the object Water of the palace. Water from the palace is obtained in the corner house of Mibu Village in the Fountainhead Palace. There are also many scales. The next time you go see him, he will be transformed into a Red - - - Dress Noble that you can kill to harvest 5 carp scales.
- By feeding the Big Carp twice with precious baits, you’ll get 4 scales.

Kill Treasure Carps Guide

- In the majority of cases, using a few sword strikes is enough to kill a carp. At worst, if it disappears, it will reappear soon.
- You can swim faster by hammering the dodge key.
- Some carp are under water, you can either try to kill them with a thrust by targeting them (L3 and then maintain RB) when they are close to the surface. Wait until you unlock the power to swim underwater, later in the story.
- You can use the seaweed to approach carp discreetly.

The hunt for carp, scales and underwater treasures becomes easier and fun once you get the Mibu Breathing Technique from the Corrupted Monk, right at the bottom of the Ashina Depths.