Arnold Schwarzenegger Sings Rap Song Pump It Up - review

Arnold Schwarzenegger has recorded a rap song called “Pump it up” with Andreas Gabalier.

It is an inspirational song that tells the star’s life story. From his Austrian origins to his arrival as governor of California, which he held for eight years until 2011. He is not limited to making the choirs Gabalier but starts to be marked some of the most catchy rhymes among which cannot miss the phrases "I'll be back" (His famous "Back") and "Hasta la vista baby".

As we say, the goal of the song by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Andreas Gabalier is totally motivational. The bottom line is that with effort and work you can get everything, using the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger as an example of a foreigner who arrived in the United States without being anyone and has reached the highest a foreigner can reach in the country.

The 71-year-old action star will return to the big screen with Terminator: Dark Destiny, which will hit cinemas later this year.