Fortnite: Change Color of Tiles and Dance Between Trucks Guide

The Jordan event in Fortnite has just started. It is a limited time mode that brings you 13 Downtown drop challenges and they will be unlocked in the next few days. Completing all these challenges will reward you “Backboard Sweaty” style.

At the start of the event we have two challenges available “Change the color of 1000 tiles” and “Dance or emote between two food trucks” and the next two will be available 12 hours after the start of Fornite X Jordan.

Acquire Back Board Back Bling Reward

Just complete any of the 13 challenges of the event to obtain this reward.

First Challenge: Change The Color Of 1000 Tiles

This challenge is quite easy to complete, only you have to do is passing over 1,000 tiles of the floor, which will automatically change color. It doesn’t matter that later other players repeat them ... the key is to color them. In three games you can easily finish it. The key is to go color every tile in your path.

Downtown Drop Challenges, Fortnite, Jordan X, Change Tile Color, First Challenge

Second Challenge: Dance Or Emote Between Two Food Trucks

Perhaps the great difficulty in this challenge is to find the location of the two food trucks. Once you reach the first ramp, you’ll have to turn right where you’ll find a second slope. Once you lower it, you’ll have to go to the corner on the left where you’ll find the two food trucks. After that you only have to dance between the two trucks.

Downtown Drop Challenges, Fortnite, Jordan X, Dance Between Trucks, Second Challenge