Handy Tips for Getting Started in Pokémon Rumble Rush

Pokémon Rumble Rush (PRR) is a title that brings all the usual features of the previous games plus some new features. If you are new to Pokémon Go game series and just bought PRR, then you must first know some of its functionalities to know how to take advantage from the beginning, because as you know, the first few hours are fundamental.

Play In More Areas

In PRR, the exploration areas spinning, and they are not always available. When you are in an area you can see the interface the days and hours that remain before it is removed until further notice. This will allow you to focus your strategy better knowing that there are more or less days of exploration in it.

Get Different Pokémon

In each areas, you’ll find a series of Pokémon, but there are many more. If you want to keep appearing new Pokémon then you must kill their bosses.

Pokémon According To The Area

When you are exploring an area in the game, you should know that the same Pokémon will not appear regularly. You won’t notice this at the beginning, so you’ll have to explore to know which Pokémon come out in each of the areas of the area where you are.

You Can Repeat Some Level

In each of the areas you can overcome a series of tasks, which you can repeat again when you want. In any case you must be aware that you can only repeat the last three stages you have made.

Make Your Pokémon Stronger

If you want to get rid of the boss of each area, you need your Pokémon to be strong. To raise them level you have to improve each of their movements and that you can achieve with repetition, using them again and again in the previous matches. It is also recommended that you repeat the last three stages you have completed because it will allow you to capture the same Pokémon and make them raise their level.

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Level Of Movements

Even if a creature has a very high CP, if its movements are low level you will not be able to do much. It is important that you keep an eye on the type of level that the movements of each of your Pokémon have, because it is likely that one with a very low CP can have a very high movement that can serve you in combat.

Some Pokémon Easily Escape

Some Pokémon like Abra, as soon as you hit them, they will run away. What you must do is press the screen to recharge energy and try to eliminate it with a single hit.

The Advantages Of Type Of Pokémon Are Still Working

One thing that has not changed is that depending on the type of Pokémon you are facing there will be active advantages that you could take advantage of. This way if you have a water type Pokémon you will know that it is weak against electric ones, so you can use the right Pokémon according to the circumstances.

Some Pokémon Require Being Caught On Several Occasions

Another novelty that you will find is that there will be certain Pokémon that need to be caught a certain number of times so that you finally have them in the Pokédex.

How To Save Battery Life

In the configuration of the game you get through the menu and then options, you will find a slider with the option of graphics that you can configure in energy saving mode. This way they will offer graphics with low quality so they consume less of your battery.