Rage 2: Wasteland Survival and Getting Started Tips

Here we give some essential Wasteland survival tips for players who just started playing Rage 2.

Useful tips for getting started

- Chests: In Rage 2, you’ll find some valuable containers spread across the wilderness. These chests give you best weapons and skills to kill your opponents. You'll have to boost your exploration skills to find each of them.
- Upgrade your weapons: You can use new functions of them to upgrade your weapons, discover their secondary shot and find certain surprises.
- Go directly to your opponents, and be aggressive and fast. The issue of coverage is going to be worth very little.
- Earn project points: they'll help you get upgrades. Among other things you will be able to carry more ammo on top and have easier to find chests.
- Get all the schematics: with them you can upgrade your weapons and the Drones. You can get schematics from the different vendors.
- Sale unwanted scrap metal: every time you see one of the sellers who buy you scrap, do not hesitate to get rid of it.
- Explore: the Wasteland hides many secrets, and surely you want to discover them all.
- Recognize the terrain: before you reach the enemies, it would be a good idea to also familiarize the terrain so as not to fall into unnecessary traps.


- Unlock all Nanotrite abilities as soon as possible so that your game is more effective.
- Unlock "overload," this will increase the power of the skills and weapons and also regenerate your health.
- With the ability "Shatter" you can increase the effectiveness of your melee attacks.
- If you want to avoid the shooting of certain enemies, you can use the "Rush" ability.

Rage 2, Wasteland Survival Guide, Getting Started Tips


- In Rage 2, you can steal vehicles. But don’t forget to take them to one of the city garages so that it is finally yours.
- Master the hand brake as soon as possible, it is important to move through the Wasteland.
- You can use the Phoenix to throw other vehicles off the road and to end the convoys.
- Although the convoys have many rewards, you must first upgrade your weapons and the Phoenix armor to face them.
- If you have the enhanced ejector seat of the Phoenix activated, it will save your life on more than one occasion.


- Get the classic DOOM weapon called BFG 9000. To get this, you must have been the buyer of the deluxe edition of the game, go to the area where a large red meteor falls to the ground, something that happens after the tutorial. Go to that area until you find a red rock where the weapon will be.
- You can get the combat shotgun through the main story of the game. It is activated if you speak with John Marshall in his own bar and accept the mission. In it you will get the shotgun when opening an ark buried.
- Get smart rocket launcher. It is located in the Torn Plains, southwest of the Boombox stop.


Always help Dr. Kvasir because he will provide you with a series of search and recovery projects that will give you many rewards and it is essential that you do them as soon as possible.