Spray an Ice Cream Truck Location: Fortnite DD Event Guide

The final task of the Downtown Drop event is now live in Fortnite. This time you are required to spray an ice cream truck, and although this vehicle is easy to locate, it will be difficult for you to use the spray without falling downhill. That is why we help you complete this challenge.

While this challenge looks easy but it is actually a bit difficult due to limited time to complete the painting. Before you start the challenge, confirm that in your radial of actions you have a spray enabled because you will have to use it.

Ice Cream Truck Location

The Ice Cream van you’ll find it on the third street after starting the game. Unfortunately you have it right downhill and your character will not have it easy to use the spray.

If you want to take off the challenge in the first round, you should try to lighten the speed a little when you are about to take the third street.

Try to have the spray assigned to the crosshead so that it is not necessary to go to the radial of actions to select it.

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You must try to make the spray on the hood or front of the truck, since if you try to do it on the sides you will fall downhill and it will be difficult for you to make use of the spray.

Once you are in front of the vehicle, use the spray to complete the challenge.