Tactics to Defeat Behemoths Easily in Dauntless

In Dauntless, Behemoths are a diverse group of creatures and many of them have a specific elemental vulnerability, which helps you defeat them quite easily.

After determine your target, go to the floating islands. Each monster has its own patterns and mastering them is an important part of the gameplay.

Besides, the battle against a Behemoth is usually quite long and difficult one so you must keep enough consumables when you go hunting, to heal, but also to improve some of your statistics temporarily. The goal of the game will be to optimize your movements and your assaults: running like a nag works only one time.

There are 19 behemoths in total, each monster being assigned to an element; it will also have to be taken into account during your preparation for battle. To ensure maximum resistance against monsters, you need a set of armor of the same element as the beast face and a weapon of the opposite element to cause maximum damage.

Tactics, Defeat Behemoths Easily, Dauntless Guide

The weakness of each Behemoth is important so that your battle is efficient and successful.

Here is a list of all Behemoth weakness

- Boureus: Blaze
- Charrogg: Frost
- Drask: Blaze
- Embemane: Frost
- Gnasher: No weakness
- Hellion: Frost
- Kharabak: Shock
- Koshai: Shock
- Nayzaga: Frost
- Pangar: Blaze
- Quillshot: No weakness
- Rezakiri: Umbral
- Riftstalker: Radiant
- Shrike: No weakness
- Shrowd: Radiant
- Skarn: Shock
- Skraev: Blaze and Shock
- Stormclaw: Blaze
- Valomyr: Umbral