Get Flashlight, Unlock New Backpack Trophy: The Division 2

Finally, you can get a flashlight in The Division 2. This is not a gadget but part of a very special backpack trophy. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get this trophy.

It is a lamp, but that doesn’t make the trophy anything special. It is much more the luminous effect that makes the entire backpack trophy shine bright. Thus, players have probably at least partially got their flashlight.

You can get the light in the story mission "Lincoln Memorial". But these are probably not guaranteed, but only under certain circumstances, as the players have found out.

The mission already has a backpack trophy (The Lincoln Bust), which can be found at a Lincoln statue. Apparently you will find the cat's lamp there in the immediate vicinity.

- The reports on Reddit are contradictory, because not everyone gets the trophy immediately.
- Some players find them directly with their main character
- Others had to play the mission again with a new character to get them.
- Some speculate that you will only get the trophy if you have already found the Lincoln bust.

So the only thing that's for sure is that you have to play the Mission Lincoln Memorial to the Lincoln bust to get to the location.

You can also see that in the following video.