Get Started In Roller Champions, Beginner’s Guide

Roller Champions is the latest skating video game from Ubisoft. The demo version of the game is currently available to download and play for free for a limited time.

Since it is available for free, it is a good opportunity to take advantage of our beginners guide to succeed in Roller Champions.

- Play as a team: Roller Champions is a type of game that requires coordination and teamwork so it’s better to play with your friends. If you are playing alone then you’ll have a little success in a title of these characteristics.

- Marking: if you want to win in this game then it is important that you know how to make blocks or markings. They are more violent than we are used to, but what is involved is that other players don’t take the ball away from us. In this way, always try to make markings and blocks when you are near another opposing player to try to get off the track and have free way to make notes.

- Dodging: it is important that you know how to dodge in RC. And mastering this skill will get you more chances to score if you take the ball, or try to be unmarked to receive the ball from your teammates. It is also important to stay alert in the game as your opponents will not hesitate to block you as soon as they are close to you, so be alert to return the ball or dodge their attacks.

Get Started, Roller Champions, Beginner’s Guide, Ubisoft Games 2019

- More tips: If you chain several rounds by scoring, you can get additional points for your team. It is essential to take advantage of these moments, because while the opposing team may be somewhat demoralized because they have a couple of consecutive lost points, your team can take advantage of it to get some extra and already have an advantage that can be decisive to win the match.