Inns and Dishes Guide: Harry Potter Wizards Unite

The inns in Harry Potter Wizards Unite (HPWU) will give you spell energy that you need in order to fight against your enemies. So it is important to understand how the inns in HPWU works, besides we also show you all available energy dishes as each of them gives you a different amount of energy.

The Inns are scattered all over the map and the color of each of them varies according to the amount of energy you can get in each of them.

Whenever you go to an inn you need to perform a simple magic spell by drawing a figure on the screen to find out the available dishes. You have to pick one of them to find the reward, which will be random. Initially the player has 75 spell energy, although you can increase them if you acquire a series of additions in Diagon Alley.

Each time you go to one of these inns, the selected meal will restore a certain amount of spell energy but you’ll not be able to go again until 5 minutes have passed.

The color of the inns will determine the quality of the food that gives us more or less energy when consuming them.
In short, the inns of blue, green and purple will give you more energy dishes. The others are not bad but tend to offer less flashy foods.

Inns and Dishes Guide, Harry Potter Wizards Unite, HPWU
These are all the foods that exist in the inns, in which inn they usually offer them and the amount of energy they restore:

- Tomato Soup: found in brown and purple inns, and restores a spell energy.
- Tea Set: found in brown and pink inns and restores two spell energies.
- Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean: found in green inn and restores two spell energies.
- Pumpkin Juice: it is found in the purple and blue inns and restores two spell energies.
- Violet Pudding: found in the pink inn and restores three spell energies.
- Sausages (Bangers) with mashed potatoes: found in purple inn and restores five spell energies.
- Honeyduke’s Chocolate Bars: found in the green inn and restore six spell energies.
- Fish fry with potato Chips: it is found in the brown and blue inns and restores six spell energies.
- Butter Beer: found in the blue and purple inns and restores seven spell energies.
- Turkey Dinner: is in the green inn and restores 10 spell energies.