Monster Hunter World (MHW) Movie Trailer Review

Thanks to a leaked teaser trailer, fans get a first glimpse of Monster Hunter World (MHW) movie. The leaked footage was secretly recorded at the Shanhai International Film Festival and now it’s circulating online.

In the teaser, you can see a Diablos or monster for the first time. The creature appears in the desert and attacks from the ground out. At the end of the footage is probably a well known Rahtalos, which breaks through a wall of fire.

In the teaser, you can also see the actress Milla Jovovich, who plays the role of Lt. Artemis. She goes to a monster-populated area with her military unit. The actor Tony Jaa also has an appearance in the footage. He plays here a mysterious monster hunter. He can be seen here with a bow and arrow.

For many fans of the series, the disappointment was huge when it became known that Milla Jovovich plays the lead role and Paul WS Anderson takes over the direction. His last film adaptation of a video game (Resident Evil: The Final Chapter) did not work well with the players. Here, his wife Jovovich also played the lead role.

When the set-photos of the movie about MHW were released, the fans got really angry and above all, military pictures were shown, the quality of the costumes and weapons was criticized and there was no correlation between the pictures and Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter World, MHW Movie, Trailer Review

Contrary to initial fears, many scenes in the new teaser look quite authentic:

- The Diablos seems well animated and even shows the monster's combat patterns. He breaks out of the desert sand and lets out a loud scream.
- There are two characters known from MHW. A woman who looks like the wild expert and also the admiral with his massive, white hair seems to have an appearance.
- The depicted hunter wears a traditional MH armor.

Overall, the teaser looks a lot better than the first set of photos suggested. There is little to recognize from the military tone of this. In the post-production, the props and the armor look higher-quality.

How the story line really turns out, remains to be seen because even the plot has been criticized.