Nonstop Knight 2 Tips for Level Up Fast and Reach End

Nonstop Knight 2 is the latest entry in the popular RPG mobile game series from Flaregames GmbH.

Here we’ll give you some useful tips, tricks and strategies on how to level up fast in Nonstop Knight 2.

Repeat Dungeons: If you’re stuck and find it hard to move forward, then you must play dungeons. Open as many silver chests as you can, get equipment, sell it for coins and upgrade your existing items. At the same time you will gain experience (XP) and you will be able to level up fast, which in turn will allow you to win rewards such as skills, talents and awards in general.

Equipment Upgrade: Always check your inventory and pick the items to improve. If possible, upgrade only epic and legendary items. Since upgrading equipment requires a considerable amount of gold coins and fragments and upgrading everything in the inventory is a waste of time and resources.

You can upgrade your equipment’s defense, attack, speed or critical statistics. You just have to get the best, the one that most benefits your stats.

Finally you can reload the pieces of equipment with real Tokens, and then you can upgrade them 3 times more. And once again we recommend recharging only epic or legendary items.

Rewards: Sometimes, when you defeat an enemy, you’ll get chest. Make sure to open them as they bring you coins, gems, silver keys or tokens.

Skills: you can unlock them as you progress through the game (repeating dungeons). Although we recommend analyzing them before using them, since each one has a very specific effect, in addition to different mana consumption. There are many interesting ones, although we recommend unlocking the tornado as soon as possible

Talents: They offer you passive benefits and our recommendation is to change them according to the dungeon. For example: when you need freezing skills, you can empower them with the talents

Gems: It is the premium currency and a reward that will cost you a lot to obtain. We recommend that you allocate all the gems to chests in the store to go for the legendary objects. Don’t waste them, they are very difficult to earn.

Play with Friends: In some phases of the dungeons you will need a companion. So get yourself an active member and have good level members so they can accompany you and help you at those levels.